Table, cafeteria, round (60″ diameter top, 86″ diameter w/stools)

  • Uniframe cafeteria tables make it easy to accommodate any number of functions in one space
  • Pneumatic lift assist and torsional energy system enable smooth, effortless operation
  • Shapes and sizes that adapt to any need: rectangular and round tables with bench or stool seating as well as rectangular, square, hexagonal, round, oval and octagonal tables without seating
  • Height options include 27″, 29″ and wheelchair accessible 31.5″. Round tables are also available in a stand-up height
  • Tabletops and benches are made of 45 lb high-density particleboard with high-pressure laminate surface
  • All legs operate from the unitized frame, not the tabletop
  • Horizontal and vertical frame tubing is 14-gauge steel for enhanced durability
  • Frames are finished in either baked-on electrostatically-applied 30-degree gloss epoxy powder-coat paint or bright nickel-chrome plating
  • Stools are 13″ in diameter in either polypropylene reinforced with ribs or highly durable thermoset hard plastic


KI-Product-Style-Approved-Materials_Uniframe Round


[vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern”][vc_column][vc_column_text]School space must often adapt to multiple uses – cafeterias often double as meeting spaces or performance venues. Cafeteria furniture must adjust to these multiple needs quickly, safely and easily. Uniframe cafeteria tables make it easy to accommodate any number of functions in one space. Uniframe cafeteria tables are available in square, rectangular, round, oval, hexagonal and octagonal shapes. Rectangular, round and oval shapes are available in varying sizes. The 42″-high stand-up height round table is ideal for fast dining or brief meetings. Uniframe cafeteria tables are also available with seating. Seating options for rectangular and round tables include bench seating, split bench seating and stools. The seat support design allows easy egress and eliminates the need to straddle legs. The 31″-high wheelchair-accessible unit makes it easy for wheelchair users to sit comfortably and safely. All Uniframe cafeteria tables are easy and safe to operate. The unique combination pneumatic lift assist and torsional energy system result in the smoothest, most effortless operation of any cafeteria tables on the market. The gravity down-lock prevents the tables from unexpectedly folding. A storage lock engages automatically when the table is folded. Lock releases are accessible from either side of the table. When tables are open, weight is off the tamper-resistant casters, preventing unwanted rolling or table movement. Uniframe cafeteria tables with seating provide sufficient clearance between top halves to prevent fingers from being caught or pinched. Pinch-free center hinges also assure safe operation. Once folded, Uniframe cafeteria tables nest in a condensed footprint, requiring the least amount of storage space. Storage position is UL-approved to ease safety concerns. A lower overall height and smaller frame stance allow Uniframe cafeteria tables to easily clear doorways. Uniframe cafeteria tables are built to withstand heavy use. Unitized all-steel frames provide superior strength. Tables are cycle tested 6,000 times. With an industry-leading 15-year warranty, Uniframe cafeteria tables ensure the lowest lifecycle costs. Polypropylene stools are attached to a heavy, 11-gauge metal plate for greater strength, stability and durability. Thermoset hard plastic stools are attached with carriage bolts. The design of the cafeteria tables also protects floors with KI’s industry-leading 12″ ABS plastic glides. The increased surface area reduces the pressure points on the cafeteria floor, eliminating floor damage. Incorporate school colors into Uniframe cafeteria tables with a multitude of laminate selections. Choose from the three edge styles: extremely durable vinyl bullnose edge, 73P PVC edge or exclusive Perfect Edge (sealed top prevents liquid or food particles from permeating the top core). Bases are available in duplex nickel chrome plating or durable, non-chipping powder coat finish in a wide variety of colors. Safe, easy operation and mobility, easy rearrangement, easy storage and easy room cleaning make Uniframe tables a smart choice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]