Giving Back

The team at ECS-ed is intentional about giving back to our local communities and selected international ministries that particularly reflect our corporate and individual values. Throughout the year, our team members volunteer and donate food and supplies to those in greatest need.

We are excited to have this opportunity to give back and have invited some of our business partners to join with us in this valuable outreach. Check back throughout the year to see what we are doing and who else has joined in!

Hypothermia Week 2023

Giving Back Hypothermia prevention week March 24, 2022 “Giving Back” The Virginia ECS-Ed team participated in Hypothermia Prevention Week once again this year, serving a

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Hypothermia Day

Giving Back Hypothermia Day March 1, 2022 “Giving Back” The Virginia ECS-Ed team took a morning shift on March 1st, 2022 to feed the homeless

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