Government Relations

Successful organizations ACT instead of react.

Legislation means change.

Whether it’s a new footnote in your operations manual or a complete overhaul of the way you do business, one thing is certain – change can either strengthen your business or cause it to crumble.

Successful organizations act instead of react. We make sure your organization is well-equipped to take the lead on key issues and stay ahead of the competition.

ECS Helps You Understand:
  • How upcoming legislation may affect the health of your business
  • Who you need to connect with to proactively influence the legal landscape, and
  • What you should do to create a coherent government relations strategy for the future.
ECS’ GR Consulting Helps Organizations:
  • Develop a government relations strategy
  • Target key decision-makers in a complex bureaucracy
  • Build understanding and support for key issues
  • Stay apprised of situations as they occur
  • Act upon upcoming legislation instead of reacting to sudden changes
  • Communicate their needs and positions

A Conversation that brings transformation

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