Organizational Consulting

ECS Consulting specializes in federal government relations
public affairs and strategic communications, and advisory services

You want your business to thrive. With our decades of leadership experience and problem-solving initiative, we help you take control of your company by identifying blind spots and potential pitfalls before they become problems.

If your company is already struggling, we understand. We have experience leading organizations with internal problems and creating dramatic transformations from the inside-out. Your circumstances are unique – but the problems that threaten to derail your mission are not.
We help you identify and course-correct problems such as:

We help you identify and course-correct problems such as:

Inefficient policies or processes
Unclear or ineffective strategies
Misaligned objectives between departments
Struggles with nonprofit boards
Cumbersome organizational design
Lack of key competencies
Leadership blind spots
Legislative challenges
Lack of organizational self-awareness
Poor financial stewardship
Unrealistic expectations
Poor communication

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