Bench w/Backrest

Classroom Select Soft Seating NeoLounge Armless Sofa In, Two Color. Create Flexible and collaborative spaces for teachers and students with NeoLounge® soft seating modular pieces. Choose from our expanded line of fabric colors and prints. Mix and match to create spaces for common areas, media centers, and even hallways! Constructed of high-quality foam and material for extra comfort and stability. Single unit pieces (A-S) can be ordered as one fabric color or two fabric color options. You can customize by choosing two color option and picking one color for the sides and another color for the top of the unit. Quickship only available in Vinyl fabrics: Canter-Ink, Canter-Adobe, Canter-Red, and in Coated fabrics: Eon-Atlantic, Eon-Spring, and Eon-Typographic.

Additional information

Top Color

Vox – Navy, Knack – Brisk, Knack – Carbon, Eon – Blaze, Canter – Red, Canter – Ink, Eon – Passion, Eon – Nocternal, Knack – Sax, Knack – Glaze, Canter – Toasty, Eon – Gold Mine, Eon – Coquette, Vox – Snap, Eon – Fire, Canter – Kiwi Green, Eon – Typographic, Knack – Berry, Eon – Arena, Knack – Wave, Eon – Ascension, Vox – Turquoise, Knack – Filament, Canter – Adobe, Eon – Atlantic, Canter – Teal Green, Vox – Limelight, Vox – Hot, Eon – Spring, Eon – Mineral, Knack – Zest, Vox – Downpour

Fabric Color

Eon – Fresh Water, Vox – Limelight, Knack – Zest, Vox – Downpour, Canter – Lucid, Eon – Fire, Canter – Kiwi Green, Canter – Adobe, Eon – Ascension, Eon – Coquette, Knack – Berry, Eon – Atlantic, Vox – Navy, Knack – Sax, Canter – Ink, Vox – Hot, Knack – Wave, Eon – Arena, Knack – Carbon, Knack – Glaze, Eon – Blaze, Eon – Passion, Eon – Mineral, Canter – Red, Eon – Gold Mine, Vox – Snap, Knack – Brisk, Eon – Spring, Canter – Teal Green, Canter – Toasty, Knack – Filament, Eon – Typographic, Eon – Nocternal