Hypothermia Week 2023

Giving Back Hypothermia prevention week March 24, 2022 “Giving Back” The Virginia ECS-Ed team participated in Hypothermia Prevention Week once again this year, serving a hot breakfast to dozens of our community’s homeless. Hypothermia Prevention Week is a collaborative initiative among Fairfax County’s government, non-profits, and faith communities to create ad-hoc shelters during the coldest […]

Feeding the Homeless in Spokane

Giving Back Feeding the Homeless in Spokane Apr 18, 2022 “Giving Back” Homelessness across the nation is a problem being addressed with varying levels of effectiveness. However, our team members have stepped into the gap by joining with other concerned community members in feeding people experiencing homelessness and hunger every week in Spokane, Washington.  Under […]

Hypothermia Day

Giving Back Hypothermia Day March 1, 2022 “Giving Back” The Virginia ECS-Ed team took a morning shift on March 1st, 2022 to feed the homeless who were staying at Redeeming Grace Church during Hypothermia Week. We prepared and served a hot breakfast for the more than twenty clients who slept at the church. The ECS-ed […]