Government Organizations

at the state and federal levels

We know that behind every great learning opportunity is also an agency in charge of directing and supporting that learning. That’s why we extend our support to all government agencies on the federal, state, and county levels. From the Library of Congress to your local county courthouse, our extensive experience working with government agencies shows itself in the quality and ease of your experience.

What Do We Do?

Government agencies enjoy all of the benefits we offer domestic and international schools. Most notably, we provide furniture, technology, fitness equipment, and specialty or custom items of all types, including unique items manufactured to meet your exact needs. We not only source these items but also work directly with the manufacturers or suppliers to get them to you on time and on budget.

Recent Installation: 164th Airwing, Memphis, TN

How You Benefit

When you work with ECS, you get the benefits of our years of experience working with government contracting officers, filling IDIQs, and working with your payment systems. We know that your needs are exacting and that timing is everything and we partner with you to make sure the entire process runs with precision. We also provide the entire scope of your services, from sourcing and delivery to setup and installation. Filling your contracts has never been easier than with ECS.

Next Steps

Is your agency ready to partner with the ECS team? The first step is to give us a call. Let us meet you and discover your needs so we can come up with a custom plan that works for you. Click here to send us a message or call us at (703) 403-5345 to speak with a specialist. We look forward to hearing from you!

Science Teacher & Department Chair, Italy

Brian M.

“I would like to express my happiness with ECS's superlative service.
Communications with the team at ECS have been so satisfying in terms
of the clear and prompt replies to all my enquiries. And the speed with
which we recently received that safety equipment truly stunned
the department. Everyone here is so impressed by the quality
and quickness of your communications and this delivery so soon is
amazing. You've got a great system! Great customer service!


James S.

“Outstanding customer support and first-rate supplies. Ramstein
High School’s #1 choice to fulfill our science classroom needs!
ECS makes the ordering process a breeze!!!"


Jeffrey B.

“The service provided from ECS and Carolina was the single best
purchase experience this school year. Our location provides a bit
of a challenge for shipping purposes and I knew after the first
correspondence things were being handled with the utmost
attention to detail. Our shipment arrived quickly and all of the
boxes were carefully packed. This is the level of customer service
that sets the bar! Thank you again.


Peter V.

“ECS has put in place a flawless process that is fine-tuned and perfectly streamlined
from acquisition to delivery point. Material has been received in a timely manner.
The collaborative partnership between Carolina Biological Company and Effective
Communication Strategies is the perfect strategy that benefits the end user.